4 Tips For Cleaning Your New Dental Bridge

Did you just find out you've got some tooth decay? Learn about some dental care tips that can prevent the problem in the future.

4 Tips For Cleaning Your New Dental Bridge

4 Tips For Cleaning Your New Dental Bridge

22 August 2022
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Do you need to have a dental bridge placed in your mouth? If so, you'll need to know how to keep the bridge clean. Even though they are fake teeth, there are real teeth and healthy gum tissue that support the dental bridge. Ignoring proper care can lead to gum disease, decay, and various other oral health problems. Here are some tips for cleaning your bride.

Use A Floss Threader

One of the easiest ways to clean underneath a dental bridge is to use a floss threader. This allows you to stick a piece of floss underneath the bridge so you can pull it out on the other side. You can then glide the floss over your gums and the bottom of the bridge to get out any plaque that may be hiding there. 

While a floss threader is a great tool to have so that you can use normal dental floss, there are also one-time use floss threaders as well. These have a stiff end that is easy to place underneath the bridge, with a soft portion of normal dental floss. 

Use A Water Flosser 

Not having much luck with regular dental floss? This could be due to a lack of dexterity in your hands, which doesn't allow you to grip the floss properly. Consider switching to a water flosser instead. This can spray a strong stream of water underneath the bridge so it can clear out all of the debris and plaque that is hidden under there. A water flosser is not as good as using normal dental floss, but it is better than doing nothing at all. 

Use An Interdental Brush

Another option is to use an interdental brush. This special type of brush has a thin wire with bristles attached to it. It may look similar to a pipe cleaner, but it is very narrow and perfect for your gums. You can stick this brush directly underneath the dental bridge, and it will do a great job at cleaning all of the surfaces thanks to the many bristles on the brush.

Get Regular Dental Cleanings

It's important that you do not skip on getting your regular dental cleanings, which is especially true if you have a dental bridge. You'll want to have the dentist verify that everything is looking good and the gum tissue underneath is healthy. X-rays can even identify problems early on with decay, which can happen to the supporting and surrounding teeth.

For more information on dental bridges, contact a professional near you.

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