Assumptions You May Be Making About Orthodontic Treatments

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Assumptions You May Be Making About Orthodontic Treatments

Assumptions You May Be Making About Orthodontic Treatments

11 February 2022
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Alignment issues can be among the more commonly encountered cosmetic dental problems that patients will experience. If you are suffering from these issues and want to have them corrected, Invisalign treatments are an option that can provide valuable benefits to patients that have the information to effectively assess this solution.

Myth: Invisalign Treatments Are Not Effective For Long-Term Results

Due to the fact that Invisalign treatments will avoid the use of traditional braces, individuals may be led to the assumption that these treatments will not be as effective at providing long-term results to the patient. In reality, this is not the case as these treatments can be just as effective as more traditional orthodontic treatments that use metal or even plastic braces to shift the teeth. While there can be limits to the severity of the dental alignment issues that can be corrected with these treatments, they can be a useful option for individuals that are experiencing mild alignment issues with their teeth.

Myth: Undergoing Invisalign Treatments Will Be Extremely Painful

The belief that orthodontic treatments will always be extremely painful can be a misleading idea that can cause individuals to shy away from pursuing the treatments that could restore their smiles. In reality, the amount of discomfort that a patient will experience from Invisalign treatments will be relatively minor to mild. On the days when the retainers are first applied, the patient will likely feel the most tenderness, but this should pass in a day or two. Additionally, when the retainers are adjusted in the future, slight tenderness may be experienced, but this should be significantly milder than what was experienced when the patient first started these treatments. Taking over-the-counter pain medications will typically be sufficient for a patient to alleviate this discomfort.

Myth: It Is Easy To Damage The Invisalign Retainers

Another assumption about this treatment option is that it will be extremely difficult to keep the retainers safe from damage. However, these retainers are designed and built to be able to withstand intense forces while the patient is wearing them. Additionally, you will be given a protective case that can be used to safely store this retainer when you are removing it so that you can eat or have a photo taken. While these cases can be extremely effective at keeping the retainers safe from accidental damage, you will want to avoid neglecting the clean the case as it could quickly become extremely dirty from regular use.

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