See Your Dentist About These Gum-Related Concerns

Did you just find out you've got some tooth decay? Learn about some dental care tips that can prevent the problem in the future.

See Your Dentist About These Gum-Related Concerns

See Your Dentist About These Gum-Related Concerns

24 March 2023
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Most people know to see a dentist when something is amiss with their teeth. But did you know that your dentist treats gum problems, too? Sometimes, people ignore problems with their gums for a while — either because they do not realize they should seek care, or because they don't know where to seek care. Rest assured that your dentist is the right person to see about any and all concerns related to your gums. Here are some common gum problems that warrant a visit to the dentist.

Red or Swollen Gums

Have your gums begun to look puffy and swollen? They may be red, or they might have a lot of redness around their borders. These are both common signs of gum disease. If you catch it in its early stages, which are usually marked by redness and swelling, it is not that hard to treat. Gum disease is caused by bacteria. To clear it up, your dentist may recommend a special, antibacterial mouthwash for you to use. They may also recommend a procedure called scaling, during which they remove any plaque or tartar from along the lower portions of your teeth, just along and under the edge of your gums. 

Receding Gums

Do your teeth look like they are getting longer and longer with your gums no longer covering as much of them? This condition is known as receding gums. It is often the result of gum disease that has gone untreated for awhile, although it can have other causes, such as nutrient deficiencies. When your gums recede, the lower portions of your teeth end up being exposed to saliva and bacteria, which can lead to decay. You may also notice tooth sensitivity with this condition. If your receding gums are bad enough to cause symptoms, your dentist may recommend a gum graft. Tissue can be removed from the roof of your mouth and grafted onto your gums, offering more protection for your teeth.

Pus Pockets or "Pimples"

If you ever notice what looks like a pimple or a pocket of pus on your gums, you probably have a dental abscess. This is basically an infection in your tooth roots, which may also move into the gums. A dentist may need to perform a root canal to remove the infected tissue from within your tooth. They will likely also prescribe an antibiotic for you to take.

If anything seems amiss with your gums, contact a local dentist

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