Have Broken Metal Brace Bracket? Here Are 3 Important Steps You Should Take

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Have Broken Metal Brace Bracket? Here Are 3 Important Steps You Should Take

Have Broken Metal Brace Bracket? Here Are 3 Important Steps You Should Take

13 June 2022
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Crooked teeth have a significant impact on your appearance. A corrective measure you can take to align and restore your smile is the installation of metal braces. Since these aligners use brackets and wires to straighten the teeth, incorrect handling can cause breakage. Damaged braces won't be effective in ensuring proper alignment. That's why you should learn the measures to take to ensure they serve you properly. Here are a few ideas you should consider. 

Make Proper Adjustments To The Brackets

When an orthodontist fits your metal brace, they use dental glue to ensure it remains intact. While the brace is durable, it can dislodge without proper care. If the bracket has become loose but the wiring is still intact, you can fix it by sliding it to the center of your teeth using sterilized tweezers. Ensure that you maintain the correct direction when moving it and finally, use dental wax to fix it once it is in the correct position. Remember that this is a temporary fix, and you must visit a professional orthodontist for repairs to avoid further damage.

Inspect For Any Damage To The Wiring

When you wear metal braces, you will likely run into problems like loose or damaged wiring. Inspect the wiring to see if it pops out because it can cause cuts or irritation to your cheek and mouth, severe pain, and even swelling. When you notice any protruding wires, book an orthodontic appointment to have a professional repair the issue.

Take Measures To Manage Any Discomfort

If the brace wiring has caused trauma in your mouth, take measures to address the discomfort. Critical steps you can take are to avoid eating sticky, crunchy, or hard foods because they can lead to more damage or loose braces. Opt for soft foods such as shredded chicken, nut butter, eggs, yogurts, mashed potatoes, and more. If the wiring has caused a sore, ensure that you rinse your mouth with salt water to help reduce any discomfort or take over-the-counter medication for pain relief. It's also important to seek orthodontic treatment for further evaluation.

If your metal braces are damaged, you must get them back in their original state as soon as possible. This prevents further damage to the brace and trauma resulting from damaged wiring. Timely repairs will also avoid instances where your teeth shift to their original position.

For more information about orthodontic treatment, contact a local office.

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