Tired Of The Way Your Teeth Look? 4 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Dentist About Pain-Free Veneers

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Tired Of The Way Your Teeth Look? 4 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Dentist About Pain-Free Veneers

Tired Of The Way Your Teeth Look? 4 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Dentist About Pain-Free Veneers

15 December 2017
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If you're not happy with the appearance of your teeth, but you have an aversion to dental offices, you might have been avoiding veneers. Unfortunately, if you're avoiding veneers, you're also avoiding the perfect way to restore the appearance of your teeth. Instead of avoiding veneers, you should talk to your dentist about a new procedure that will give you beautiful teeth without the issues you've been avoiding. Here are four reasons why you should talk to your dentist about a new form of veneers.

No Painful Procedures

There was a time when porcelain veneers required the natural teeth to be ground down. The procedure was painful and required a significant amount of work. This new technique is virtually pain-free. Your dentist won't need to do any drilling, and you won't require any shots. You'll have beautifully restored teeth without the pain or discomfort.

No Long Appointments

It used to be that porcelain veneers required hours in the dental chair. In fact, depending on the amount of teeth to be treated, you could be required to endure several appointments before all the veneers were in place. With the new pain-free veneer treatment, you'll only need one dental visit to finish the job. When you leave the office, you'll have brand new veneers in place, and your previous dental defects will be a thing of the past.

No Wondering How They'll Look

One of the problems with previous treatment for porcelain veneers is that there was no way of telling what your smile would look like until the veneers were actually in place. Unfortunately, that could mean that you were left with a smile that you just weren't happy with. However, with this pain-free treatment, test veneers are created first and placed on your teeth for a first-run preview. This will allow you and your dentist to see what your smile will look like before the finished veneers are permanently affixed to your teeth.

No Unnatural Appearance

In the past, there was no way of telling if the veneer would be to thick for your teeth. If they were, you could be left with teeth that had an unnatural appearance. Either that or more of the enamel would need to be removed from the surface of your teeth. However, because these new pain-free veneers are created from a state-of-the-art material that's so thin you can barely see it, your teeth will have a much more natural appearance. 

Contact a dental office that has painless veneers for more information and assistance. 

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