4 Lies You Should Stop Telling Your Dentist

Did you just find out you've got some tooth decay? Learn about some dental care tips that can prevent the problem in the future.

4 Lies You Should Stop Telling Your Dentist

4 Lies You Should Stop Telling Your Dentist

15 October 2017
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While your dentist will probably know if you are lying, it's still important that you are truthful to ensure that you are always getting the best treatment from your dentist. If they know what you might be doing to damage your teeth, they will better know how to resolve it. Here are four lies you should stop telling your dentist:

  1. "I Don't Smoke" Lying about smoking is one lie that is extremely easy to see through, even for your dentist. Your dentist can easily tell by stains on your teeth and the smell of your breath, especially since smoking usually causes dry mouth, which causes bad breath. Besides, when you lie about smoking and your dentist doesn't actually know if this is a lie or not, they won't know that they need to take special care to check for gum disease and cancer. 
  2. "I Floss Regularly" While it seems like this is something your dentist wants to hear, they actually don't want to hear it if it is a lie. This is because not flossing regularly can lead to gum disease, but if you say that you floss regularly, your dentist isn't going to know what the underlying cause is. If it's flossing, then they will know that no other serious issue needs to be looked into. 
  3. "I Don't Grind my Teeth" Most likely, you aren't aware as to whether or not you grind your teeth. However, if your significant other or someone else you share a room with has mentioned that you do grind your teeth, you should let your dentist know. This way, they can provide you with a mouthguard that will help prevent you from causing severe damage to your teeth. 
  4. "I'm Not Nervous" Most likely, your dentist can tell if you are nervous about the appointment. The reason you shouldn't lie about it is because your dentist can help you. This includes providing you with sedation methods that will calm your nerves in order to go through with the dental procedure that you need. If you lie about it, chances are, you are prolonging dental procedures or stopping them early, which is only causing your dental health to become worse and more expensive. 

When you stop telling these four lies, you are more likely to get what you need out of each dentist appointment to help keep your oral health in the best condition possible now and in the future. 

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