What To Do If Sharp Candy Stabs Your Gums Or Mouth

Did you just find out you've got some tooth decay? Learn about some dental care tips that can prevent the problem in the future.

What To Do If Sharp Candy Stabs Your Gums Or Mouth

What To Do If Sharp Candy Stabs Your Gums Or Mouth

16 May 2017
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Hard candy comes in all shapes and forms, ranging from lollipops to hard lozenges. While these candies typically don't cause any problems - aside from, perhaps, increasing your risk of cavities - the hard candy can potentially shatter or fragment, injuring your gums. If you've been eating a piece of hard candy and it's become lodged in your gums or the roof of your mouth, read this guide for help.

Remove Candy

Your first step, if at all possible, is to carefully extract the candy from your gums or the roof of your mouth using your fingers or a tweezer. Most hard candies will melt away if left in the mouth for a long period of time, so it may be tempting to just leave it there. However, if the candy melts in a wound, your wound will be exposed to sugar and the bacteria that resides in your mouth. This could allow dangerous plaque and bacteria into your bloodstream.

Cleanse Thoroughly

Once the candy is removed, clean the area thoroughly but gently. Try rinsing first with water, and then, if possible, brush the area with a toothbrush. If it's too painful to brush, use a cotton ball or q-tip and gently dab it with peroxide instead to help kill any remaining bacteria.

Apply Pressure

If the wound is still bleeding after removing the candy and cleaning the wound, you will need to take steps to stop the bleeding. You can use a teabag to apply pressure to the wound. Simply take a black tea bag and press it against the wound. Bite down on it to hold it in place so that light pressure is maintained against the wound. The teabag will help to soak up the blood while inducing pressure that will help the wound to develop a blood clot, which will slow or stop the bleeding.

See A Dentist

Lastly, make sure to see a dentist right away. Depending on the size and depth of the wound, you may need to have it professionally cleaned out and stitched shut. Whether the wound is in your gums or the roof of your mouth, a dentist from an emergency dentistry office is well-equipped and trained to handle an injury of this nature. Don't put off seeing a dentist in hopes of the wound healing itself. Should an infection develop, your entire oral health could be at risk.

Hard candy typically isn't dangerous, but it can be under the right circumstances. In the future, if your candy fragments or breaks, spit it out immediately to prevent injury.

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