2 Tips For Choosing A Mouthpiece For Your Child Before Their Next Dive

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2 Tips For Choosing A Mouthpiece For Your Child Before Their Next Dive

2 Tips For Choosing A Mouthpiece For Your Child Before Their Next Dive

26 April 2017
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If you want to introduce your child to scuba diving, then this can be an exciting way for them to explore what different bodies of water have to offer. One of the keys to a successful dive is a good mouthpiece. A poor mouthpiece will only cause discomfort and pain to your child throughout their dive experience. While a diving shop will have a number of different pieces to choose from, this may not always be the best route. For your child, it is important to make sure their mouthpiece does not result in any long-term oral damage since they are still growing. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to choose a mouthpiece for your child.

Get a Specially Made Mouthpiece

When wearing a mouthpiece, a person's bite is extremely important. Since everyone's bite is different, it is difficult to find a mouthpiece in a dive shop that matches perfectly. Therefore, you should consider getting a custom-made mouthpiece for your child. This route is a bit more expensive but will ensure that there is no added strain on their jaw joints when diving. The added strain that comes with diving and wearing an ill-fitting mouthpiece can lead to joint issues as they grow up.

To make the mouthpiece, the dentist will take a mold of their teeth in order to create a mouthpiece that sits as snug as possible in your child's mouth. Talk with a cosmetic dentist at http://www.accentdentalnwi.com/ for more information on reducing strain on your child's teeth. The dentist can also help your child avoid "tooth squeeze," where the depth of the dive can cause air bubbles and pain in teeth that need restorative repair.

Try on Different Mouthpieces Before Deciding

If you are unable to get a mouthpiece that is specially designed for your child's teeth, then you should still try to find one that fits their bite and smile the best. The only way this can be done is by trying on different mouthpieces. Your child may try on the first mouthpiece and decide that it fits the best. However, encourage them to try on a handful. While there may be some slight differences, those differences determine how well the device fits and sits in their mouth. They should also try to wear the device for a few minutes in order to get a better feel for how it will function after a while.

Your child may be so excited about the dive that they are not even worried about the mouthpiece. However, this device will help to set the tone for their dive. Therefore, use these tips to help them settle on the best mouthpiece for themselves.

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