Thinking About Getting Dental Implants? Here Are The Benefits You Will Get From Them

Did you just find out you've got some tooth decay? Learn about some dental care tips that can prevent the problem in the future.

Thinking About Getting Dental Implants? Here Are The Benefits You Will Get From Them

Thinking About Getting Dental Implants? Here Are The Benefits You Will Get From Them

18 July 2022
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Replacing a missing or damaged tooth is the best way to restore complete dental function. The dentist might suggest several ways to restore the missing teeth. However, dental implants are the best permanent way to replace lost teeth. If you are on the fence about which method to choose, here are some reasons to consider dental implants.  

It Will Prevent Changes in Your Face Shape

Missing and unreplaced teeth can cause significant changes to the shape of your face. For example, a missing tooth leads to the eventual deterioration of the gum and jawbone support. Over the years, you will notice that the jaw has shrunk, and the shape of your face has changed significantly. The collapsed jaw can make you look older than your actual age. The implant ensures your jaw does not lose its volume and support. You will maintain a youthful look longer when you have dental implants.  

It Minimizes the Development of Cavities 

Cavities form both on the surface and the side of the teeth. When you lose a tooth, the side surfaces of the adjacent teeth open up and become more exposed to plaque bacteria. Most people develop side cavities within years of losing a tooth. When you fill the gap with an implant, you do not have to worry about sugar and plaque leading to additional cavities in your teeth. Additionally, the materials used to make the implants are artificial and non-reactive. They will not develop cavities because of exposure to sugar, starch, and plaque bacteria. 

It Enables Natural Speech Retention

Sometimes you lose your front teeth, which affects your ability to articulate certain sounds and words. The loss of speech accuracy in old age is one of the most complicated situations you might have to manage. The ideal way to resolve it is by getting implants. Tooth replacements for missing teeth restore your speech and boost your confidence when speaking in a crowd. 

It Eliminates Slippage

Getting dentures is an alternative that people consider when replacing their missing teeth. However, dentures can be challenging and embarrassing, especially when they slip out of place. Implants have a permanent attachment to the jawbone, making them an ideal way to avoid embarrassments like dentures falling out in public.

Speak to your dentist to learn more about using dental implants as a way to replace missing teeth. They will assess your condition and determine the suitability of implants as a restorative dental procedure.

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