Post-Operative Healing Strategies After Dental Implant Surgery

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Post-Operative Healing Strategies After Dental Implant Surgery

Post-Operative Healing Strategies After Dental Implant Surgery

3 January 2022
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Getting dental implants can improve your smile and correct bite abnormalities. People who have had difficulties with chewing in the past as a result of poor dentition may look forward to eating their favorite foods again after getting their dental implants. The implant process is a gradual one because a process known as osseointegration must occur. This process refers to the fusion of the implant hardware to the jawbones. Complete healing from dental implant surgery can take many months, and to help promote a smooth recovery, consider the following strategies. 

Eat Soft, Nutrient-Dense Foods

After dental implant surgery, you should avoid hard, spicy, or very hot foods because they can irritate your implant sites and cause bleeding. Eating soft, nutrient-dense foods that require minimal chewing will help keep your surgical sites from becoming irritated and keep your jaw relatively stable.

Excessive movement of the jawbone can disturb the implant sites, however, once they heal, you can gradually include more variety into your daily meal plans. Ensuring that the soft foods that you consume are packed with nutrients will help lower your risk for nutritional deficiencies, give you energy, and promote healing.

Steamed vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, and potatoes, are nutrient-rich foods and are easy to chew. Low-fat protein shakes and fruit and vegetable smoothies are also excellent ways to enjoy nutritious foods while recovering from your dental implants procedure. If you have kidney disease or if you are on a protein-restricted diet, talk to your dentist or physician prior to consuming protein shakes. Also, avoid using a straw when drinking your smoothies and shakes because the sucking motion can affect the implantation areas inside your mouth.

Avoid Smoking

If you smoke, try quitting before the start of your implant procedure. Smoking may slow the healing process and delay your recovery because it can damage your capillaries and reduce the supply of oxygen to your vital organs, jawbones, and gum tissue.

When oxygen flow and blood circulation are impaired, your surgical sites may take longer to heal. Smoking may also inhibit the process of osseointegration and raise the risk of post-operative infections.

If you are struggling to quit smoking talk to your dentist or primary care physician about effective smoking cessation remedies. In addition to cigarettes, avoiding cigars, pipes, vaping, and marijuana smoking may also help promote healing after your implant surgery. 

If you are considering dental implant surgery, follow your dentist's post-operative advice and consider the above healing strategies. Dental implants can boost your self-confidence, enhance your appearance, and restore your ability to chew, which can improve the quality of your life.

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