Four Things That Make Going To A Kid Dentist Fun For Everyone

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Four Things That Make Going To A Kid Dentist Fun For Everyone

Four Things That Make Going To A Kid Dentist Fun For Everyone

25 April 2017
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Going to a general dentist is not quite as much fun as going to a kid dentist. You can always tell that you are in a kid dentist's office, too. If you have fond memories of going to a kid dentist, they probably include all of the following, which will make it fun for your child and nostalgic for you too.

Kid-Friendly Paintings on the Walls

Kid-friendly murals clearly designate a dentist's office as a kid dentist's office. Different themes for different dental rooms is a fun thing to see, too, like a princess theme for one dental exam room and an ocean scene for another dental exam room. Kids love to look at these paintings, and because the whole office is kid-friendly, your kids can reach out and touch the murals/paintings too.

Treasure Chests

Sure, the toys and surprises in the treasure chests are cheap, but it is still a fun thing for kids to look forward to. You may have remembered some of your scarier dental appointments and how they went better than you expected, finally ending in picking out a toy or a surprise from the treasure chest. Before you tell your kids about these treasure chests at the dentist's office, make sure the kid dentist actually does this kind of reward system for his or her patients.

Cartoons in Every Room

From the waiting room to the exam room, there may be a TV with kids cartoons on all the time. This is especially helpful for kids who might be a little anxious or nervous about the dentist. They relax when they can watch their favorite cartoon characters on TV. Some dentists go so far as to install portable DVD players in the exam rooms so that kids can watch some of their favorite cartoon movies while staring up at the ceiling and having their teeth fixed or cleaned.

Massaging Exam Chairs That Look Like Animals

Seat covers for dental exam chairs can transform the chairs into cartoonish animals. The kids can lay down on the back of a "horse" while the massaging action of the chair makes it feel like they are going for a relaxing ride. This is a lot of fun for kids and adults, and it is a great way to relax really anxious kids who cannot settle down in the dentist's exam chair. If you need to distract them further, you can always ask your children what kind of animal they think their exam chairs look like. 

For more information on what you could find at a kids dentist's office, contact a local office in your area, such as Neu Family Dental Center.

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