3 Unexpected Things That Can Occur During The Adjustment Period For Invisalign Braces

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3 Unexpected Things That Can Occur During The Adjustment Period For Invisalign Braces

3 Unexpected Things That Can Occur During The Adjustment Period For Invisalign Braces

24 March 2017
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Invisalign braces are an alternative to traditional metal braces that your teen might prefer. However, there is an adjustment period that could cause your teen to regret his or her choice. Fortunately, the adjustment period is short and your teen will start to love his or her new braces in a matter of days or weeks. To help him or her through the period, here are some scenarios you should prepare for.  

Your Teen Could Experience Loss of Appetite

In the first few days of wearing the Invisalign braces, your teen could experience some soreness. As he or she adjusts to it, the soreness will subside. Even though the braces have to be removed to eat, your teen might still experience a loss of appetite because of the soreness.  

Until your teen has adjusted to the braces, encourage him or her to stick to a soft diet. Smoothies, yogurt, and soup are good options that can help stave off hunger and prevent an increase in soreness.  

Brushing and Flossing Is Necessary After Each Meal

While eating, food debris can become trapped between your teen's teeth. The debris can leave harmful bacteria along the gums that can cause infection and lead to cavities. If the Invisalign braces are placed onto the teeth, the debris is essentially sealed against the teeth and gums. To prevent dental problems, it is important for your teen to brush and floss after each meal and snack.  

It might be difficult for your teen to remember this during the adjustment period, so be prepared to give him or her reminders, as needed. You should also stock up on travel brushes and toothpaste so that he or she can practice good hygiene from any location. 

Staining Is Possible

One of the surprises that your teen could face is learning that his or Invisalign trays can stain. The trays are made of plastic that can absorb the coloring from certain foods and beverages. The stains will remain in place until it is time to switch to a new tray.  

The easiest way to avoid the staining is to educate your teen on which foods and beverages he or she should avoid. For instance, coffee and beets are two items that are no-nos while wearing the trays.  

Your teen's orthodontist can help him or her learn other ways to adjust to the new braces. You can also learn more about what you can do to help the process. To find out more, visit a website like http://www.bracesinc.com.

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